zero to 60 speeds ahead

This has all been such an unpredictable journey for me. I can't tell you how many changes I've made in my life since beginning this blog, both creatively and personally. As far as photography goes, so much has changed in the industry of camera and equipment making. No wonder we're all evolving in this art form. Some of us are coming full circle with returning to or incorporating film into our work and some are growing along side upgraded cameras and lenses.

Creatively I've been lead into a direction I never expected, making images I didn't foresee some 7 years ago. If you can notice the changes through this blog you'll get the picture (no-pun intended). Now I'm experiencing photography in a whole new light. I began with being purely documentary in style and approach, providing no instruction or direction to my subjects, purely capturing them as they are, allowing them to see themselves in a new perspective. And while I continue to grow in this element, I'm like a newbie baby in other aspects, directing, posing, artificial lights, taxes, business, website, marketing.

Its crazy rad, and crazy insane but its worth it all. I love this art deeply; after shooting, I edit, but want to stop editing to go and shoot again and again. If you can relate to this feeling with any passion you possess,  you must feel as alive as I do.



meesh said...

you took the words right out my mouth...=)

Goldi gold said...

The Real to Real!!!

/SBA said...

i've had the immense pleasure of watching the growth and beauty of your (he)art...